Friday, 27 May 2016

My experience of sharing the load with Ariel Matic - #LaundryGoesOddEven

The story begins from my childhood. I can still very clearly remember the sight of my mom with lots of dirty cloths, a bucket of water and detergent powder. One day, I asked my Mom, ‘Maa, why do you wash all the cloths yourself? Mom said – ‘Why not? This is one of the most important works for a woman!’ I never found my mother unhappy with her daily household tasks. Never!

Nowadays, women are not only homemakers; they also are doing jobs or business. They have actually rediscovered the world outside their households. In a patriarchal society like ours, women have had fought long battles to get the respect & honour they deserve; but, when the matter comes about household tasks like cooking or laundering – we all, irrespective of our class, creed or gender gets involved in the same thought process as ours great grandparents used to! However, if you make a list of famous chefs or have a glimpse of any Dhobighat, you can find more men than women! Then why we can’t change our mindset? Because we love to believe in what we see! And, since our childhood days, we see our mother, grandmother, and sister – all the female members in our family doing these jobs and so we actually identify such activity as feminine. No man just can’t imagine doing such works and if anyone does try his hand in household chores, sometimes even his masculinity gets questioned! (However never seen any men advertising detergent powder on television but appearance of women is common enough for plenty of male products!). Mind set oh.. mind set!! 

Award winning movie 'Dhobighat'; where the hero is an washer-man!

I know, you all are eagerly waiting to know about my own household! I’m quite lucky I guess! I got married in the year 2008. Just after marriage I went to my husband’s workplace and the journey began! Normally, as a woman, I used to take all the responsibility of daily chores! But, as I said before, I’m so lucky, that I have a really good human being as my husband. He is quite different from others. He always shares my load from the very first day. However, he remains very busy with his office in week days, but on Saturdays and Sundays he does almost all the household tasks! I really consider myself lucky and blessed, getting such a man as my buddy!

But, there was one task that he neither tried his hand nor was assured enough for accomplishing. That is ‘Laundering’! Whenever I wash cloths, he becomes very sad & gloomy and says – ‘I’m really sorry, I want to share this job too but I can’t!’ Generally, I keep the dirty clothes for Saturdays and Sundays. Naturally it reduces our personal time…. Aha.. Precious time! 

Here comes the 'Ariel Matic' like an Angel!

Suddenly, few days back, I found the #LaundryGoesOddEven blogging activity at the Facebook-timeline of BlogAdda! I was just amazed, because, we were finding a way like that to solve the Laundry-problem! I briefed it to my husband and he was so excited to be a part of the activity.

And the day arrived! One Saturday afternoon, a currier-boy came and delivered us a big packet. I opened the packet and discovered new Ariel Matic pack in it. I showed it to my husband; he read all the ‘do’s & don’ts on the packet and was very satisfied. He was so much excited that he wanted to launder at the very moment. But I stopped him and told him to wait till morning! 

7’O clock at the morning, my husband was ready to do laundering. He was so happy as if he was doing some play school activity. 


I wanted to load the washing machine, because I was afraid about my cloths! But he did it all alone with the instruction, written on the packet of Ariel. 


After washing the cloths, when my husband open the washing machine and showed me the cloths; I was surprised! I think, he did it better than me and I congratulated him loudly! My husband was smiling like a king, who just won a battle!

Now, my husband marked all Saturdays and Sundays in calendar for laundry works! He said – ‘I never knew that laundering is such an easy work! I am going to share your workload; you just buy Ariel Matic every month!’ I’m so happy to see him happy & enthusiast! I never felt such happiness to share my workload! 

It's Selfie time!

Thank you Ariel Matic for giving us such an opportunity. Every household in India is blessed to have such a nice product! I think, it’s the time to change our age old mindset about daily chores like laundering! Go India Go!

'I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.'

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