Friday, 26 December 2014


Hello my friends.............
At first Merry Christmas to all of you! I'm going to give you a surprise!! Can you guess, what is in the box?

The wait is over! Here I'm presenting the last and most worthy GIVEAWAY of the year!!!!!!!

I'm giving away a mustard-yellow Georgette saree ; all over hand-worked!

Check the T&C and go for it! (Y) :)

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2. The Giveaway period: 26th December - 25th January.
3. This Giveaway is valid only in India.
4. Participants are requested to follow the T&C properly; this time, we will be very strict to chose the winner!


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Diva Journals: Maybelline Xmas Giveaway

 Friends, my co-blogger Priyanka has completed 300th blog post and she is sharing her success with all of us by a awesome giveaway! Join her and win Maybelline Hampers! Good Luck!

"Diva Journals: Maybelline Xmas Giveaway: Hi Everyone, This is my 300th blog post.I am so happy that I have hit the mark,its so special to me.Thank you all for your continued su..."

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bhoot (Ghost)

Bhoot (Ghost)

In my childhood, I was a tom-boy and never feared of anything! My mom was so much disgusted with me all the time! Every day, so many complaints used to come from our neighbors. But, the one word that I always scared from was – Bhoot! By the name of ‘Ghost’; my mom made me agreed for any work in night! Just one sentence – ‘do this or I call ghost to scare you from the tree’; and I jumped to do the work! I have been a book-worm from my childhood days and my favorite subject was ghost stories! Actually, I love to read the books still now. I enjoyed so much these books; but, when remember them in the night, I imagined, the characters stood by the window.

I couldn’t get rid of this even after my childhood. I tried, but, I had carried this fear throughout my collage, university, even after marriage! And one day, finally I said ‘bye bye’ to this fear! Today, I’m going to tell you the story of my ‘Rise above fear!’



My husband was posted at Malda district in West Bengal just after our marriage. We lived there in a flat in Govt. Housing. There was a park in just opposite of our flat. Before we went there, a man had passed away in an accident beside the wall of that park. My husband knows very well about my ghost-fear and every day in the evening, he told me the story of the accident during power cut! He took it as joke. One day, he said in husky voice, ‘the man was an electrician and his job was to solve the electrical problems in the housing; so if we have any problem in night, his spirit will come to solve!’ I was just crying in scare and shouting on to make him stop. I was being very serious and my face was being pale in scare! My husband understood that I was really scared. He said – ‘I never would be kidding like this in future’; but, he didn’t know that time; It could be more dangerous!


After 5-6 month of the incident, we almost forgot the evening; one day Subhankar (mu hubby) told me that he had to go to Kolkata for a meeting for 2 days; that means, I had to stay alone for 2 days! Generally, I have no problem to spend times with myself; but, in night I never stay alone before! Our family lived so far from Malda and there was no one, who could give me company. I know that, it was so important meeting. So, I told Subhankar to go. He asked me again and again if I had any problem, but I assured – don’t worry; it is just 2 days! I can manage carefully without you! Please go and complete your work!’ at last, he left the station with so much worry and love for me.


The first day was going smoothly. It was winter then. At night, I took dinner and went to bed with a romantic novel (because thriller or horror story was strictly prohibited for those 2 days by my hubby!!). I also locked the bedroom. When I felt sleepy, I wrapped myself head to toe with blanket and yes, I put on the light all the night! The second day also was going smoothly. That day, I was so much happy to think that Subhankar will come after ending the night. I took dinner at 10’O clock and went to bed with a novel. I read till 11-11.30 and then was trying to sleep in blanket. The light was put on as before. Suddenly….. I felt there was darkness! I removed the blanket and found………………

It Was Power Cut!!!!!!


I wrapped myself tightly and tried to do not remember any ghost stories; but, unfortunately, all the stories I read since my childhood, came in a flow in my mind! Suddenly, I heard a sound of refrigerator, stood in dining place just beside my bedroom and thought the power is on. In a second, I became so much happy and removed the blanket from the head and…………..
There Was The Same Darkness As It Was Before!!!!!!!!!

And the story of the electrician sparkled in my mind! A cold wave of fear washed over me! I wanted to call somebody but my voice was chocked. It is said, that too much scaring begets too much bravery! After this spell of scaring, I thought – ‘I have to see the matter! If there is any ghost, he would kill me and this much & nothing more! So, I have to get out of my bedroom!’ Then, I took the torch and opened the door; focus the light all over the dinning; but, nobody was there! I put the light on and oh my god!
The light was there!!!!!!!

I thought about all the matters one by one and yes, solved the problem! There were two fuse of the electric connection. Bedroom, veranda and bathroom were in one fuse and dining place & drawing room were in one fuse. The fuse, which included bedroom, was cut and the other fuse was ok. So, the light and refrigerator were going perfect. After that, I went to bed without locking the door of bed room and slept in dark & had a sound sleep! And after that day, I never fear at anything! Because, now I know very well – ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hain’!

* To know so many great stories of ‘Rise above fear’; visit Mountain Dew India Facebook Page.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Wonder in the World of Paper-products\\\\

Going down memory lane, I can still remember my schooldays when there were not so many options for Notebooks or writing materials. In a half yearly exam, I got very poor marks in History. When my mother asked me the reason; I answered ‘I don’t like the History notebook & that is why, not wrote down the notes in the class! What reasoning! I was then just 8 years old! Now being older & wiser, I can understand that “notebooks” play a very important role for growing interest in studies.

Some days before, one of my co-bloggers posted a blog about a Paper Product; I read the blog and the products forced me to contact them to write a review! They very quickly sent me 4 of them and when I got them in my hand! I felt that, had I got these products in my childhood days, I would have topped in the History exam!
The products speak for themselves & as such no review is needed! But, I can’t help sharing with you the details why and how I just fell in love with Matrikas.

Matrikas is the brand of Srinivas Fine Arts print (P) Ltd; founded by Srinivas Group. Matrikas presents a wide range of paper products which includes Diaries, Notebooks, Journals, Office stationary and Social stationary. I got four of them – 

1. 'Heal the Planet' Notebook (Ring Book A5 -Design C)
2. Vivekananda Teresa Journal
3. Cube Works Diary
4. Subject Note Book        

'Heal the Planet' Notebook

This ring book has a very attractive look with waterproof covers. It is very user-friendly, as it has wire to wire binding. The papers are very smooth and fairy-white that forced one to write something in it! It has four pages in starting for important info that is very useful to write important contact details or anything you like. The hard cover of notebook has a safety closure with an elastic band. It is for to hold the notebook cover closed and to save notes or chits in inside, when it is not in use.

One more unique thing, I have found in it, that a pocket inside the back covers of it. It’s like an envelope that can carries some important piece of papers. It’s really an innovative touch for a notebook.

Vivekananda Journal

This is a personalized Journal with a beautiful cover that shown Swami Vivekanada. From there six collection, I have chosen this personality as I am a great fan of him. When I have received it, I just spellbound to see the beautiful, silk-smooth cover and its illustrations! Starting with an auspicious “Ohm”, the pages are so good and smooth to write.

The journal had four sections - Important Notes, Your Action Plan, Organize Your Schedule and Optimize Your Lists. It is really a wonderful and useful journal and the best thing I found in it that a well written short biography of Swamiji in front and the pages end with a precious quote of Swamiji.

Cube Works Diary

It is a not normal diary; it is a Compact Coral Green Planner with very smooth hardcore cover. The size of this journal is so compact and handy and easy to carry. It has very fine papers called “Hi-Brite Maplitho Paper. It’s a really good choice for those, who like to write anything, anywhere.

Subject Note Book

It is an A4 sized hardbound notebook called “Toss & Turn”; which is divided into six parts and is an ultimate choice for students to write important notes at one place that helps during exams. 

The white tint colored single ruled 288 pages with so much impressive qualities and apt for Xerox or some other use. 
Each Product of MatrikaS is of excellent quality; they just have changed my all thinking about paper-products. 

The Prices of the four Products:

1. 'Heal The Planet' Notebook: Rs. 222/-
2. Vivekananda Teresa Journal: Rs. 215
3. Cube Works Diary: Rs. 360/-
4. Subject Note Book: Rs. 277/-    

You can find in various outlets of Matrikas Diaries, Journal, Note Book at

You also can buy the products now at Flipkart, Amazone and Snapdeal here: