Monday, 30 November 2015

How To Make Your Baby's Skin Softer Than Soft

‘Baby’ – the sweetest word in the World! A baby is blessing of the God to a family. I think, the smile of a child is a priceless decoration for any home. We all love children – a soft, cute baby. But a common worry for every parent, the lost of the softness of their child. In India, we always want to care a baby with homely product. I can remember my Grandma, who always used mastered oil, cream of milk, Besan, Curd etc. to bathe me! And, the result is, at the age of 34, I still am proud of my skin! Today, I want to share some stories of my Grandma and Mom for those, who always want to keep their child soft and clean homely…………….

1. Massage:


Massage is very important to keep your baby’s skin soft. My Grandma said that massage is a great way towards bonding with your baby & to keep their skin soft, too. My Mom says that Grandma always used pure mastered oil to massage us and she used to spend at least one hour for that! 30 years back it was very easy to find pure mastered oil! But now, I recommend you, using any good olive oil with vitamin to massage your child.
Not only before bath, but a massage after bath is also very useful. Because your baby's skin is plumped up and hydrated and it will hold in the moisture from an oil or lotion better. 


2. Bath: 

To keep your baby’s skin soft; bathing plays an important role! My Mom says that, Grandma never used hot water for her grandchildren. She kept buckets full of water with a thin cover under Sun till morning to midday and used this worm water to bathe us! If possible, you can try it.
My grandma used mix of gram flour (Besan), honey and milk-cream to bathe us. It makes a baby’s skin soft and clean very well. Nowadays, Mom’s are very busy, because they have to manage their job and family at the same time. So, use a baby soap to bathe your child. But remember, you have to be very choosy, when you buy soap! It’s hard to resist the temptation of sweet-smelling soaps or the promise of a cleaner clean, but a cleanser that’s soap-free and fragrance-free is best to retain moisture in your toddler’s dry skin. Remember, do not scrub kids to clean, wash gently and pat (not rub) dry with a soft towel.
Bathe your baby, but not for too long! We all know that, it’s a very favorite game of any new-mom to bathe her child; but Keep it short and sweet. Because, too much time in the tub can actually be the cause of drying your baby’s skin!                                                                                                                 

3. Protection:  

There are so many causes of dryness that can attack your baby; so protect your child. Sun rays are not good for your baby’s soft skin. So, when you go to outside with your baby, use umbrella or keep your baby under the covered stroller. Don’t allow mosquito or any other insect to bite your baby, keep him/her under mosquito-net, when they sleep. 

4. Prevention: 

‘Prevention is better than cure’ – it’s a much known sentence to us! So prevent your baby’s skin before it becomes dry!
Do not hydrate your baby’s skin only on the outside; it needs equal care from inside! Give your child plenty of water. If, his/ her age is under six months; then give sufficient breast-milk. Don’t forget that a nutritious diet full of healthy meals is also important for a good skin and complexion!
Diaper rash is very common in this generation! Prevent it, before it becomes a cause of dryness of your baby’s skin! Change your newborn's diapers every two hours (longer for older babies), clean your baby's bottom thoroughly,use a good antiseptic cream if it is required.                       

5. Selection:

I think, selection is the most important part for parenting! You have to know, what is right and what is wrong for your baby!
Always buy very soft, cotton cloths for your baby. Use products with baby-friendly ingredients. Choose baby products that are free of harsh or dangerous chemicals. Try to avoid talc and fragrance. They can all potentially irritate your baby's skin. Remember to choose a baby-friendly detergent too—those adorable clothes will be rubbing up against baby's skin.
My Grandma used very soft cotton pieces as diapers; those she cleaned with antiseptic liquids and dried under the Sun very well! Mom told me that my Grandma was very conscious about hygiene. Nowadays, we easily find so many diapers in market; but, select wisely when you buy! It’s very important that the diaper must soak all the wetness and keep your child comfortable. 

I have already mentioned about changing the diaper; but, if you are a busy mom, then buy the one which can hold the dryness for long. Remember, Diaper is an important thing that can make your baby’s skin harsh and becomes a cause of rashes; so, be very careful, when you buy Diapers for your Baby. And for those, who has little of time to shop – “Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Everybody loves soft and giggling children and every parent wants to keep their child softer than soft! I just tried to help newly parents to make little easy their works! Hope it will work……….

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