Monday, 16 October 2017

Festivals of India

 Thalai Deepavali

Diwali or Deepavali is a very famous festival among the World. But, a few known about ‘Thalai Deepavali’; aunique custom native to Tamilnadu. It is the first Deepavali celebrated by a couple after their marriage. The Tamil word “Thala” or ‘Thalai”means “the Head or The First. It is the most revered custom in the Tamil communities.The tradition is the son-in-law would visit his wife's family during Deepavali with a handful of gifts. In return he also gets lots of gifts, along various sweets like laddu, Jangiri and snacks.
On the day of the Thala Deepavali, couple arise even before the sunrise and take Oil bath using the sandalwood paste and Segakai paste.After the bath, the bride and the bridegroom attend the pooja organized by the Bride’s parents.The bride’s parents along with bride and bridegroom prayer for the couple happy long life and present them new dresses and ornaments. After wearing the new dresses,the newly married couple seek the blessings by gently touching the feet of elders.

The newlyweds will then be pampered and showered by bride’s family members with gifts called “Seer varisai”, which is considered as a part of the dowry, according to the Tamil custom. The couples then visit the nearby temple, sometimes the groom’s parents, brothers and sisters also join them in the celebration. After couple return from the temple they will be given a great feast by the Bride’s. In the evening of the celebration, the couples burst crackers and enjoy the aerial fireworks along with their family members and decorated inside and outside the home with row of lighted diyas called “Agal vilakku” in Tamil.

The newly wedded couples of Tamil Nadu enjoy the Thala Deepavali with high level enthusiasm. It is considered as once in a lifetime event. The grooms spend their quality time with their in-laws on the occasion of the ThalaiDeepavali.This festival brings an opportunity for the bride’s parents to know his son-in-law better.

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