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#CuttingPani - Conserve Water To Get Closer To Life

"Water Water Everywhere Nor Any Drop To Drink"

The other name for water is ‘Life’. Without fresh water we shall die in just a few days. But, how much we know about our life? Do you know that 70 percent of the world is covered by water; but, only 2.5 percent of it is fresh? The rest is salt or ocean-based water or is permanently frozen and we can't drink it or use it. As our population grows, more and more people are using up this limited resource. Therefore, it is important that we use our water wisely and not waste it. Let’s discuss it in detail –

Why do we need to conserve water:

In one sentence, saving water helps protect our Nation's, as well as the World’s water supplies. It is clear that water is one of our most precious resources.  Considering that every single person on the planet needs water to survive. Conserving water can diverts less water from our rivers, bays, and estuaries, that helps keep the earth safe. It can also reduce water and wastewater treatment costs and the amount of energy used to treat, pump, and heat water. This lowers energy demand, which helps prevent air pollution.

Before marriage I lived in Railway Housing; and now I live in Govt. Housing. In both places, 24 hrs. Water facility is available. I find almost every family use water meaninglessly! They always wash their clothes in running water; no one use bucket for bath; they water there plants in their Garden as like they give shower them and many more! They behave like - “if we get water enough, why should we not use?” It's not just the dry western areas of our country or those villages that need to be concerned with water efficiency. As our population continues to grow, demands on precious water resources increase. There are many opportunities to use household water more efficiently without reducing services.

Ways to Save Water:

  1. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or saving or scrubbing your hands your hands before washing. Don’t let all that water goes down the drain while you brush! Turn off the faucet after you wet your brush, and leave it off until it’s time to rinse.
  2. Check all faucets, pipes and toilets for leaks; fixing leaky faucets can mean big water savings.
  3. Re-use your pasta or noodles cooking liquid by watering plants instead of dumping that water down the drain.
  4. Use bucket for bath or cut your showers short for some serious water savings. If you have a habit of taking shower multiple times a day or even daily; skip the shower from time to time.
  5. Don’t run the dishwasher or washing machine until it’s full. Those half-loads add up to gallons and gallons of waste water
  6. When you hand-washing a lot of dishes, fill up your sink with water, instead of letting it run the whole time that you’re scrubbing.


Educate Children about Conserving Water:


It is very important to teach our children about the importance of water, as well as saving water. We need to grow our children with a good habit of water conserving
Be aware your children about these initial steps:

  1. Learn your kids to turn of the faucets properly after using.  Ask your kids to double-check the faucets after they are done washing their hands or brushing their teeth.

  2. Tell your children to fill their glasses as they need; or drink the full glass.

  3. By telling your kids to use the half-flush every time they need to use the loo, you can save a lot of tank water. Similarly, a inculcating a habit of quick showers will result in saving thousands of liters of water in every household.
  4. Childhood is the best time to learn anything new. People remember things all their life, what they have learnt in their infant age. So, tell your child about the importance of water and how they can use it wisely Encourage kids to reuse leftover water from glasses for gardening or fill the bowl of your pet.

Take a pledge to make a habit of #CuttingPaani

The #CuttingPaani is an initiative of Livepure, they has developed based on the ‘cutting chai’ culture of Mumbai. They says – ‘The #CuttingPaani campaign implements the Mumbaiya concept for saving drinking water’.
When we serve water in dinner table or to gusts, every time we leave a half-empty glass. We do not drink the full glass of water. The #CuttingPaani concept is create to restore those drops of water, which are dump to sink after every sip. By asking for #CuttingPaani, meaning the only the amount of water you can comfortably drink, you can save a lot of water.
Here is some way; you can use to support #CuttingPaani:

1. When you serve water to your gusts, don’t fill the glasses first. Serve a jug, full of water with empty glasses. Request them to fill their own glass as much as they need.

2. Use water container or purifier with tap in your home; so that you can fill your glass as much as you need.
3. Put a container in a corner of kitchen and store leftover waters in it. Use all the water for gardening and watering indoor plants.
4. Use leftover water for cleaning and mopping.
You can use it to fill your pet's water bowl, too..

Finally, I request to all my readers, please conserve water for your nation, as well as the World and its people; and also for your future generation. I urge each of you to Sign The #CuttingPaani Petition, and to save water by adopting #CuttingPaani.

See this video to know more about #CuttingPaani:


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