Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Wait, Let Me Take a Selfie - #EnjoyMore

Love for Photography is in my heredity, I presume! My father, uncle and my elder brother are all very good photographers. They travel many places, only to click a good shot. In my childhood, I, too, was very curious about camera. Any person with a camera used to become my favourite in a second. There were two cameras in our home; but I was not permitted to even touch them! I never missed any chance to cultivate them, when my elders went out. This affection for photography was rising with my age and still on. When I was in school, I belong to a gang of five girls. Every year, on the day of Swaraswati Puja, it was our girlie-ritual to go to a photo-studio and click a group picture. How can I forget the day of the marriage ceremony of my brother; where I continuously nagged after the cameraman to click some pictures with my friends.  My hubby and I went to Rajasthan for our honeymoon trip. During our tour, a foreigner asked me to click his picture with his camera in front of a Royal Palace. Also he clicked for us. Today, whenever I remember those days, I wonder; because no one from today’s generation imagine these types of incidents. Nowadays, it is so easy to click photos whenever& wherever I want; who cares I’m in a marriage party or in a remote place! Technology gives people smart phones; we can talk from anywhere and click anything, anytime. It is “Selfie”; that makes us free to say – ‘would you mind to take a picture of us?’

The term “selfie” was declared as“the word of the year” of 2003 by Oxford Dictionaries; after its first known use was revealed by an Australian; describing a photograph taken at a 21st birthday party.I wonder, if there exists any perfect selfie at all ! when you want to express your mood to the World, take a selfie. And it would be the perfect for you for that particular moment! If you ask me; yes, I click many selfies everyday. Some of those I share with my friends and some I store for future, when I need to refresh myself! I have so many favourite selfies; but you asked about the best, it is the below one. It was our 6th marriage anniversary. Every year my hubby arranges a surprise tour as my anniversary gift; and most of them are any remote place, where nobody can disturb us. That year, we went to Baranti;a small picturesque hamlet surrounded by hillocks; situated in Purulia district, West Bengal. We just forgot about our urban life there! It was really a lifetime memorable tour. On the last day of the tour; we sat on the sand beside the lake. At the time of sunset, suddenly it started raining! My hubby stood up and told me to run to our resort. That moment, I said – ‘wait, let me take a selfie’! This selfie is my all-time favourite; I have framed it and placed at my working table.

My Favourite Selfie

Framed on my work-table

Few days back, in a conversation with a well known photographer, I asked –
– Is it possible to click a stunning photo during travel in mobile? He answered – “absolutely! I think equipment doesn’t really matter. Vision does!” Actually, he is damn right. Vision and mood are more important to click a good picture; no matter you use a DSLR camera or a mobile. But remember, all mobiles do not give you same picture quality. So, if you want to capture a beautiful vision or to click a perfect Selfie, check the camera-features thoroughly before buying a Smartphone. And if you are not satisfied with your present mobile; here is a better option for you – Mobiistar #EnjoyMore!

Mobiistar, a Vietnamese smartphone brand was founded by Mr. Carl Ngo in 2009. The #Mobiistar brand-promise is to ‘Enjoy More’ which is focused towards giving their customers the opportunity to explore more possibilities. The rationale behind Enjoy Moreis driven through the products functionality and aimed at giving users a meaningful selfie experience provided with their front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot

This means that you can now get more of the picturesque background into the frame and not have to worry about fitting in everybody either! 

Also, you will get smoother Smartphones with best-in-segment Snapdragon Processors. Not only that, it comes with powerful, long lasting battery for unlimited fun. And guess what, all these specifications are available at an attractive price! So India, get ready for a star-studded welcome of #Mobiistar – coming very soon!

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