Thursday 24 January 2013

Goodness Of Coconut For Skin

Coconut - The Indian ‘wonder nut’!

Friends, now I’m going to share some special thoughts with you! I think, all of you know about Coconut.Almost all over the world people use it to prepare delicious cuisine. In the Southern part of India, people also use coconut oil as a cooking medium. But do you know my friends, Coconut is also used as an easily available “All natural” cosmetic product.Today I am going to share the “coconut secret” with you.
Coconut is a symbol of Indian heritage and culture. Since time immemorial coconut plays the pivotal role in almost all rituals in India as well as in beauty care of Indian women. Coconut is almost the God’s own “Chemist shop” with abundance storage of vitamins A and C, Calcium, Iron, and natural proteins. Coconuts milk is particularly sturdy and rich and has been used for ages to nourish your hair and skin and leave it looking silky and glowing. Not much has been changed in people's opinion on coconut as the most reliable skin and hair care aid, as it's still being widely used throughout the world in many top products, as well as being utilized at home.

With all the strange, “Latin” ingredients in skin creams these days, sometimes I wonder why we don’t just go back to the basics. There are plenty of perfectly natural products that can do wonders for the skin, with coconut milk being one of the best examples. Coconut milk has a host of benefits for the skin that you might not be aware of. Coconut milk is fast becoming a natural skin care ingredient. It has a very high fat content and is also very high in natural fatty acids. Fatty acids are natural antiseptic that gently deep cleans impurities perfect even for ultra sensitive skin. Few of the multidimensional activities of Coconut Milk are as follows:-  

* It opens the pours of skin and washes away the dirt and hence the best natural cleanser.
* Eczema and psoriasis may easily be prevented if one nourishes the skin with coconut milk as a daily ritual.
* Keeps the skin moist and supple like teenagers’ skin. The cheapest yet the most effective “Anti- aging” Natural product.
* The most effective deterrent to wrinkles on skin that occurs on account of dryness. Once again the great “Anti- aging” agent!
* Prevents summer rashes in hot climate. It may well be the reason why it is revered most in the hot & humid country like ours!
* The lauric acid in coconut milk acts as the “Vanguard” in the eternal struggle of our skin against the fungus creating bacteria.

If you simply don't have the time to spare questing for home made coconut milk, try to find products containing the above referred ingredients.Let’s the Odyssey begin!

Here is a Body Lotion, rich with pure coconut milk; which helps me to fight with cold in winter and with pollution all over year.


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