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Destination India

West Bengal (PART-X)


Shantiniketan (ii)

Brahma Mandir


A Brahma Mandir Was Established At Shantiniketan On 21 December 1891 (7 Poush 1298 According To The Bengali Calendar). A Small Fair Was Organized In 1894 In Connection With The Establishment Anniversary Of The Brahma Mandir, In The Ground Opposite The Mandir. What Started As A Small Homely Poush Mela Now Attracts Attention Of Not Only The People Of Birbhum District But Tourists From All Around.

Amar Kutir

Tourists interested in purchasing handicrafts and artefacts can visit Amar Kutir, which is located close to Santiniketan. Amar Kutir was a society or a cooperative movement by Rabindranath Tagore, to aid and develop the art and craft of the village folk.

Lather goods in Amar Kutir

This society’s building was an ashram once where political prisoners of the British period were kept. The society is now known to produce handicrafts and goods like bamboo and batik crafts, Kantha stitched saris, leather goods, dokra jewellery and many more items.


Shilpa Gram


Shilpa Gram is close to the Ballavpur deer sanctuary. It is designed very nicely and showcases tranditional handicrafts of eastern region (including Bihar, Assam, Orissa, Manipur, Andaman, Jharkhand etc). Each state is represented by a traditional house which has collection of paintings, articrafts etc. The place is maintained neatly and has good collection of cultural elements.  

Prakriti Bhavan

Located in the Ballavpur area of Santiniketan, Birbhum, West Bengal. It is India's one and only Nature Art museum with an impressive indoor display of natural sculptures in driftwood, dry wood and a sprawling open air garden of natural rock sculptures. Set in the most picturesque part of Santiniketan it is an aesthetic manifestation of the legacy of Tagore's Santiniketan in linking man with nature through Art, music and poetry.



In 1992, Sriniketan, a centre for rural reconstruction was established in Santiniketan. Sriniketan also has a department devoted to the studies of the socio-economic problems of India. This centre focuses on education related to agriculture, handicrafts, cottage industries, welfare of villages and adult education.

Visitors can also look at the tribal handicrafts, goods made in traditional ways like pottery, batik on cloth, leather and silk and materials required for weaving.     

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary

While at Shantiniketan, you must visit the Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in Birbhum District of West Bengal, the Sanctuary is home to a variety of deer and water birds apart from jackals and foxes. Look out for small herds of black buck and spotted deer as you tour the sanctuary.


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