Wednesday, 22 May 2013

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Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening my friends out there! This is 11:30pm. 22nd May, 2013, Tuesday in India. After a long hot weather, we have rain here! Weather is quite good now. How are you friends? I will share some tips to beat the heat, may be works for you. Keep watching my blogs.

Friends, yesterday was the Mourning Day of Rajiv Gandhi. He was the sixth Prime Minister of India. He is the grandson of Jawhar Lal Neheru, the first Prime Minister of India and a central figure in Indian politics for much of the 20th century; and Son of Firoz Gandhi and Indira Gandhi . Indira Gandhi was the third Prime Minister of India. Rajiv Gandhi took office after his mother's assassination on 31 October 1984. He became the youngest Prime Minister of India when he took office at the age of 40. Rajiv Gandhi remained Congress President until the elections in 1991. While campaigning, he was assassinated by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Shri Rajiv Gandhi

The death anniversary of Shri Rajiv Gandhi is also observed as Anti Terrorism Day all over the country on 21 May. Terrorism, the most heinous crime by the mankind against the mankind has become the biggest fear for Indians today. And of course every citizen of the country is responsible for driving out this phantom of fear. Fighting against this crime has become the moral duty of every Indian. At the same time whole nation mourns two minutes of silence to mark solidarity with the world in its fight against terrorism and to memorize Rajiv Gandhi.

Anti Terrorism Day is observed every year on May 21 to promote peace and harmony in the nation. Different committees across the country organize various seminars on drive to create awareness about the danger caused by this unmerciful act of terrorism. The main aim of observing Anti Terrorism Day is to wean away the Indian youth from such dreadful forces threatening human lives.

Even anti-terrorism or anti-violence pledge is also taken in all the government offices, public sector undertakings and other public institutions. There is also need of more serious thoughts on the observance of Anti Terrorism Day and in order to successfully accomplish the aim of Anti Terrorism Day.

That’s all for today! Take care of your family and children and of course yourself! Have a good day/ afternoon/evening/night! Namaskar.

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