Friday, 14 June 2013

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Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening my friends out there! This is 11:30pm. 14th June, 2013, Friday in India. Hope you all are very well in your life. I was so busy today; because, in West Bengal, ‘Jamai Sashti’ is a big occasion and we have celebrated it today. I will share with you all the fun and rituals about it in ‘Festivals of India’.

Friends, today my friend Shruta wants to share something with you as a guest blogger. Nowadays, Facebook, twitter and all the social network or web-pages has organized various contests. This are good but has some side effects, which could be dangerous for anybody, anytime. Shruta has written about it. Please read, I think you like it.

Contest Dramma 

"One of my friends recently won a Makeover by participating in Leading Company’s contest on Facebook. She received an email from the Company advising the date and time and the venue at the Company’s Institute and that she would be contacted by their representatives. She was very excited and soon it was confirmed by them that she would be picked up by a cab along with another winner and they would be driven to the Company Institute and dropped back home also. She asked them if she could blog the whole experience so that her other friends could enjoy it, they refused.  This should have been the First Alarm Bell, which she did not acknowledge.

The day of the makeover dawned and she waited at the appointed time, but no cab turned up. On contacting the Company representatives they asked her to wait for some time and then 45 minutes later a cab did arrive. Her hubby dropped her till the cab, but there was no winner (as mentioned) in the email. This was the Second Alarm Bell, which she ignored. Her hubby checked with the driver whether the venue was the same which was selected, to which the cab driver gave a vague answer of a closer venue. They assumed that the other contestant was to be picked up perhaps. The Third Alarm Bell, where it was not communicated clearly of the venue. But the hubby mentally noted the Cab number (unknown to her) and let her go alone with an unknown driver to an undisclosed destination, not wanting to dampen her high spirits.

On reaching the venue, it turned out to be an ordinary beauty parlor, but she still did not let her spirits down, as she was confident that it was a reputed company’s contest she had won. On entering the beauty parlor, she tried contacting her hubby and family but couldn’t reach them. Fourth Alarm Bell, but still she assumed must be low battery of the phone preventing her from calling (there had been phone jammers installed in the beauty parlor). The photographer was there and Company representatives, who were there to help her choose the hair color, guide her etc.

After nearly 2 hours, the Makeover and photo session complete, she came out of the beauty parlor and called her hubby, who by now had panicked as she had been unreachable for 2 hours. She returned home safely and happy.

After reaching home, when the whole events played back in her mind, she realized the vulnerable situation she had been put through and if anything had gone wrong in any part of this event, no one was either contactable or responsible.


1. They were not representatives of the Company – but just an Event Management company who hold contests on Facebook
2. They had not communicated the change of venue and put her risk
3. The beauty parlor had phone jammers and if anything side or risky business was conducted, she was trapped
4.  If she was lost, kidnapped, raped or harmed, no one was answerable or responsible

How many times we are lured by such gifts and winnings and we blindly take them at face value. This virtual world is not what it appears to be.
She told me the whole story and was badly shaken and wanted to quit participating in contests.

Simple Solutions:
I told her not the quit. But be careful. Do not accept gifts which have to be paid for or where you have to go collect it or go to some unknown place. Safety is first priority. Such opportunities will always come in the future but we should be alive and safe to enjoy them. She agreed and we had a good laugh.

Moral of the incident:

But the truth is today’s youth want to achieve so many things in a short time that they risk their own lives as well as put others in a vulnerable situation. In the above case there were four alarm bells warning, but all ignored. They should stop for a minute and think if this is what they really want. Focus and adjust their goals. There is no shame in lowering your targets and aims in life. You have won already by being safe and being alive. Rest of the enjoyment and this journey called Life is Bonus!!!

 By- Shruta Padave, Guest Blogger

That’s all for today! Think about today’s topic and be careful when you join any contest. Take care of your family! Have a good day/ afternoon/evening/night! Namaskar.

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