Monday, 30 December 2019

Heads Up For Tails - A New World for Pets

Hello friends! Do you have pets? Want to do the best for your pets? Then, today’s post is only for you! 

My Hubby

You all know that I am a cat-lover and I have so many cats in my household. It was really confusing, when I need something special for my cats; because, in India, you hardly find a shop which is only for pets! But, the wait is over now! I find something very spacial for my cats. Here I'm going to introduce ‘Heads Up For Tails’ –exclusive shop only for pets!

What is ‘Heads Up For Tails’?

It is India's exclusive luxury pet brand that indulges animals and their families in the finer things in life. However, if time is of the essence, simply shop online for your pet. 

What you can find here?


If you’re the perfectionist type of parent, a visit to the dog store is a must! Here you can find a huge products range from comfy customized dog beds to chic dog collars and leashes; as well as for cats! 

Get access to fashionable apparel, grooming products, toys and an awesome range of high-class accessories for your pets. You can choose from a huge collection of exclusive pet products from famous brands like Royal Canin,

 Chomp, Twistix, and for simply the best- it has own unique in-house brand- Heads Up For Tails. This ever-growing range is well researched and hygienic.







What you can exclusively get for your Dog?


This fun box contains grooming products, pet toys, accessories and treats that are carefully handpicked by their dedicated experts, each month. Of course, the Wag Box can be customized to suit your pet’s every desire. 

‘Heads Up For Tails’ says – “We understand dogs, we know the products and we understand specific needs of each breed and size. Based on what you tell us about your pet, our team will put together the perfect gift box for your precious pet”!

Extraordinary Surprise Offer:

Birthday Club

Birthdays are FUN and exciting! Memorable experiences like birthdays can be unforgettable by adding the right touches. Join Pet birthday club of ‘Heads Up For Tails’ and they'll help you celebrate your pet's birthday!

Sing Up for it and they will send you a voucher for 15% off during your pet's birthday month which you can redeem on the shop; also they will give you a free birthday gift for your pet when you use the voucher!

So, don’t waste time, go to the ‘Heads Up For Tails’ and bring so many happiness for your pet!

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  1. Really very useful. Would shop once i adopt it..

  2. I dont think so .I had tried heads up for tails feels like the prices were high and inflated.But I ‘ve been using Marshallspetzone quite a while it is nice compared to heads up for tails in terms of price, quality, service, and discounts. I request heads up for tails to recheck on their price

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