Monday, 17 August 2015


My Rocking Brothers

When we birth in this World, God gives us so many relations – Father, Mother, Uncle, Aunty, Grandpa, Grandma – but, God presents us a gift, called sibling! ‘Gift’ is a special thing that gives us so many happiness just like a sibling does! I’m so lucky, that I have not only but 2 brothers!

My father was a Railway employee and I spent my childhood in a Railway colony. I lived with my two elder brothers. My father was very busy with his works, and Mom was totally involved with her housework! So, all my responsibilities were given to my brothers. They were then children, too; but were very conscious about me! I can remember a day, when a boy was slapped me to snatch away my toy, and my big brother fought with him! I was just like star of their eyes. They are 7 and 5 years older than me, but sometimes, they played their roles like a father.

My brothers were so possessive and concern about my study and all. Sometimes they were behaving just like a teacher. I took privet coaching after school in coaching center; my brothers were sitting out of the class and when my classes was finished, they took me home with them! 

When I was in class five, my most elder brother felt that I have to learn Karate to protect myself from bad boys; because after one year, I’m going to join high school and that was very far from our house. My brother was then studying in engineering collage; but he joined a Karate coaching center and then taught what he learned! I felt so embarrassing then about their possessiveness and dominating behavior; but now, when I think about my childhood, I can feel that how much they loved me!
Nowadays, I live in another place, far away from my brothers; but I always can feel their love, surrounding me. Every day, they talk with me over telephone and if they can sniff any problem or unusual thing; they fly at a glance to me!

I always thankful to God for giving me such brothers! They always play their roles as my parents, friend, and teacher as whenever I need. My brothers are my life; I can’t imagine life without their love and blessings! They has given me so many things always; but, this year, I have planned to give them some nice gifts from IGP.COM .They have an awesome collection of Rakhi Gifts . I think my brothers will like them. In this way, I would like to thank my brothers for all they have been doing for me, since my childhood! For me, my brothers are the best! #MySiblingRocks