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City Palace


The City Palace or Chandra Mahal is in the center of Jaipur. It covers 1/7th or 15% of the Pink City's area.Jai Sing built it between1729 &1732. A high wall within which are a series of courtyard. Gardens and other buildings surround the Palace. Successive rulers have made additions to the existing complex. Some of the Maharajas(Kings) filled the Palace with scientific and artistic treasures, while others focused on public works. The Palace is now a museum.

Govt. Central Museum (Albert Hall) 


The magnificent structure in Ram Niwas Garden was inaugurated in 1863 by Prince Albert in Jaipur. It is an excelent example Indo-Saracenic architecture and was designed by Sir Swinton Jacob. Albert Hall was opened in 1887 as a public museum and is the oldest museum of the state. It functions as the State Museum of Rajasthan and has large collection of archaeological and handicraft pieces.

Moti Doongri


The little fortress atop a hill is a replica of a Scottish castle. It is the private residence of the fourth son of late Maharaja Man Singh.

Birla Mandir or Lakshmi Narayan Temple 


This elegant Temple lies just below Moti Doongri and was built in 1988. It is noted for excellent architecture and exquisite carvings on white marble. Within the Temple are splendid statues of many Hindu deities, while, the outer walls are adorned with great historical personages and religious figures.

Amber Fort


Amber Fort built on the hilltop outside Jaipur. This fort is a famous tourist attraction in Jaipur. Tourists often ride on the elephant back to the Singh pole and Jaleb Chowk. The Fort was built by Raja Man Singh in the 16th century and was completed by Sawai Jai Singh in the 18th century. The Fort offers magnificent views of the surrounding area. The fort is a mix of Mughal and Rajput architecture and is built in red stone and white marble.

There are many places in Jaipur besides these. I am just trying to share the most beautiful places.

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