Thursday, 30 August 2012

Festivals of India in the month of August

Sitabari Fair

Sitabari Fair is dedicated to the divine legends of Ramayana, the jazzing fair is organized in Sitabari, a small town in Rajasthan. A large number of devout Hindus visit the place so as to take a holy dip in the 'Lakshman Babhuka' stream. Apart from its religious importance, the fair offer business opportunity to traders, cattle breeders and craftsmen in and around the state.

Kazri Teej

Kazri Teej festival has great significance for both married and unmarried women, who believe to seek blessing for a happy married life. The festival falls after the new moon in the month of Shravan(July-August). Rajasthani also call the occasion as Sawan Festival, which welcomes the cool monsoon days.

Tarnetar Mela

The colorful fair is a three-day event held every year in the first week of 'Bhadrapad' (August-September). It is dedicated to the deity of Lord Shiva, positioned at Trineteshwar temple in Saurashtra, Gujarat. Devotees also call the fair as Trinetreshwar Mahadev Fair. They visit from different corners of the world and take a holy dip in the water reservoir-'Papanshu', meaning, the destroyer of sins.


  1. Everyone and everything is so beautiful. I love the colors and the meaning for what it stands for. I wish I could see it in person.

    1. Thanks Tina for your kind words. India is vary colorful and I just try to spread some color from here to other countries.