Thursday, 7 February 2013

Destination India

West Bengal (Part-II)

Darjeeling (1)



Darjeeling is a town in the Indian state of West Bengal. A popular tourist destination, it is located in the Mahabharat Range or Lesser Himalaya at an average elevation of 6,710 ft (2,050 m). It is noted for its tea industry and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Darjeeling is the headquarters of Darjeeling district which has a partially autonomous status within the state of West Bengal.

Nature enthusiasts will find Darjeeling reaches all their requirements, with a variety of trek and trail options, allowing the enticing breeze to release feelings of peacefulness. Those looking for a relaxing getaway from the hot plains will also be more than satisfied, taking in the cultural diversity and beautiful sights around them.
Due to the excellent weather conditions, these tantalizingly delicious tea blends were able to find great success.
The distinct and highly respected, world renowned teas are available to buy across Darjeeling, offering a great experience for yourself and your nose: stop by to support the local tea gardens, and don’t forget to smell the fresh, inviting scents surrounding you!

Places to see:

Tiger Hill



Tiger Hill will provide you with the most enticing view of the Eastern Himalayan peaks. It’s the highest point in all of Darjeeling; seeming to almost be designed perfectly for the most breathtaking deliverance of sights. Standing atop Tiger Hill on a clear day, basking in the enthralling presence of Mount Everest in the background, you’re guaranteed to have a new appreciation for life.
The best time to visit is before dawn in order to take in the incredibly colorful sunrise rising from over Mount Kanchenjungha. Reaching the amazing point of Tiger Hill is also a great adventure; traveling by foot, the route goes through Chowrasta Alubari, the oldest tea plantation in Darjeeling.
The sights along the way, mixed with the excitement of seeing Tiger Hill will have you infused and brimming with spirit – which is truly the essence of Darjeeling itself. Treat yourself to this renewing trip to Tiger Hill, and be sure to carry this memory with you forever. The vibrant pink and orange sky will not soon fade from your mind. On Tiger Hill, you’ll be standing on top of the world.


The Himalayan Zoological Park



The Himalayan Zoological Park is located at high altitude up in the hills, creating the perfect setting for the amazing goal it was implemented to reach. Thus far, the Zoological Park has exceeded its main purpose of making a safe and prosperous home to the Snow Leopard, and has gained huge status as a highly popular attraction in Darjeeling. 
Red Panda
One of a kind, prestigious quality leopards are being saved and reproduced daily. If that isn’t incredible enough, there are also several other unique species displayed, such as the Red Panda, Tibetan Wolf, and Siberian Tiger to name a few. At the Himalayan Zoological Park, you can get a close look at these incredible animals, which is a rare and breathtaking experience not many receive.

Enriched and overflowing with love, curiosity and care, the leopards are playful and attentive and will cater to all wildlife enthusiasts and excited travelers.

Tea Plantations




The Darjeeling tea estates, such as the world renowned Happy Valley Tea Plantation, are the biggest attractions in the entire West Bengal. Not only do any tourists visiting Darjeeling make it a point to schedule a wonderful field day exploring the scents, sights, flavors and history of the tea estates, but people come from across all oceans to discover the industry that so many are passionate about.

Tea represents Darjeeling’s naturalistic, holistic environment, and is also a major passion of many people, holding healing and meditative effects. The superior quality of teas produced from Darjeeling’s list of tea estates has the ability to bring people together. 

Tea Garden

Thriving since 1852, the teas created here have drawn the attention of millions of people each year. This amazing attraction allows you to have a true interactive experience by picking your very own teas and sipping the fresh flavors, the way it is meant to be enjoyed – directly from the plants themselves. The flavors of Darjeeling Tea differ from season to season. Surprise your taste buds, and with whichever flavor appeals to you, you’re guaranteed a replenishing, energizing experience!



Ghoom Railway Station

Ghoom is a hillside resort, rising high into the sky at an altitude of 2,400 metres. Besides being a beautiful place to take pictures, relax with a picnic on top the swooping hills and dipping valleys, or fly a kite and watch it grace the surrounding as if in a movie, Ghoom is known for one of the most famous religious temples in the world.
Ghoom Gompa is a monastery found at the top of the trails and is the largest out of all in the region. Inside is a wondrous and unbelievable sight with colourful paintings and the preservation of priceless and rare manuscripts of Buddhism.

Ghoom Gompa

Roam the hills and be sure to wander into the peaceful Ghoom Gompa. The blend of nature and spiritualism has leaded this to be one of the best attractions in India, with the misty surroundings making it feel like being in a dream.


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