Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tips from the kitchen of an Indian homemaker

 Today’s Tips
Tips for a great Valentine Day:
1. "In every bunch there's one who stands out and you are that one."
Give your lover a dozen roses and do it with a creative twist.
Give eleven red roses and one white rose.
2. Write him a little love note.
Insert it into the book he's reading.

3. Make a custom banner, a BIG banner to welcome him home from office. (This year it is not a weekend!)
Use construction paper and crayons, or poster board and markers, or old sheets and spray paint.

4. No time or too lazy to wrap those gifts?
Buy fancy bags and pre-decorated boxes for gift-wrapping presents.

5. Choose a chocolatey dessert or something like strawberries dipped in chocolate so she ends up dessert as you spread some luscious treats across her.

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