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Destination India

West Bengal (PART-XIII)

Bankura (2)


Susunia hill, 50 km from Bishnupur, is quite popular as a trekking spot. It is also an important tourist spot for people who visit the place to see "Dhara" (a natural spring) and Silialipi. Excavations have revealed inscriptions dating back to the 4th century AD.


Susunia, the second highest hill of Bankura, famous for rock climbing and trekking, attracts people to see the ‘Dhara’ (Natural Spring) and Silialipi. This spring is considered holy by the locals. There is also an ancient carved stone called ‘Narasingha stone’ standing at the point where the spring water comes out. The hill with a height of 1442 feet spans nearly two miles. The site also features the stone inscription belonging to King Chandravarman.

Sutan Forest

Bankura is also popular for beautiful Tourist Spots like Sutan, Near Ranibandh & Eco-Park, and Near Taldangra, covered with dense forest, decorated with small lakes and thrilling with wild animals. 




Biharinath Hill, located on the northern part of the Saltora Block, has the highest altitude in the district. It stands as a guard to the north-western border at a distance of 57 km from Bankura district. The hill has a height of 1469 feet and is believed to be an age-old centre of Jainism.

The prime attraction of Biharinath is the lush nature all around and Biharinath Hill. The unforgettable experience of watching the rising and setting sun over Ledhi and Sharpahari Hills and the winding village paths would compel you to extend your stay. Another popular attraction here is temple dedicated to Shiva, popularly known as the Biharinath dham and a small tank located at the foothill.

Varieties of flora and fauna are found in the region. Especially some rare wild animals like pangolin, hyena, racaphorus and chameleon are still found in the area. The place is also known for its natural beauty.


Joyrambati the Birth place of Sree Sree Maa Sarada Devi is a holy visiting place. Ramakrishna Parmahamsa is perhaps the best known saint of nineteenth century India. Maa Sarada Devi was the wife of Sri Ramkrishna.

Maa Sarada Devi

The famous temple of Singha Bahani Devi is a special attraction. Mayerepukur, in front of the residential house of Ma-Sarada is also a visible sight

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