Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Talk about India, from India with you

Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening my friends out there! This is 10:30pm. 10th July, 2013, Wednesday in India. How are you Friends? I’m extremely sorry; I took a long break from you without any notification. Actually I was very busy in the marriage of my sister-in-low; so, I couldn’t manage time for my blog! Well, I think you will enjoy the pictures of Indian marriage which I will share latter.

Friends, I have been sharing many diplomatic issues or rituals or stories of great Indians under the title 'Talk about India, from India with you'; but, today I want to share my feelings about a video! I have seen a new video, made for promoting of LO’realParisIndia 'Fall Repair 3X' Range for hair. The song in the video is sung by Mohit Chouhan. It is made with three stories; 1) story of a Grandma and her granddaughter,  who are bonded with a cup of tea; 2) two friend’s story who were playing together in childhood and has found their ‘treasure’ – a geometric box, fill with marble balls and a letter, in their mature age; and 3) story of a student and her teacher who are bonded with memories of school and a ‘English Grammar and Composition’ book. I was just speechless when I have seen the video! Tears were running on and I was going back in my childhood. After a long time; I have seen such heart-touching video! It makes me happy, makes me cry and makes me remember my root. I felt that my present is corded with my past. I’m going to share the link of the video. Please watch it; you too will feel that ‘Roots give us Strength’!

That’s all for today. Take very care of your family and of course yourself! Have a good day/ afternoon/evening/night! Namaskar.

Link of the video:  Jad Se Judien - Stay Rooted

For more information about LO’realParisIndia 'Fall Repair 3X' Range, click HERE

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