Friday, 19 October 2012

Flavors of India
Hilsa with Mustard Seeds (Sarshe-Ilish)


·         Hilsa: -                                                  6 piece 
·         Green chilli:-                                         8-10 pieces
·         Mustard Seeds:-                                   4teaspoon
·         Turmeric Powder:-                                 1/2teaspoon
·         Mustard Oil:-                                         1Cup(150gm)
·         Salt:-                                                     to taste


1.      Wash the fish and marinate with turmeric powder & Salt before cooking.
2.      Make a paste of mustard seeds and 2-3pieces of green chillis.
3.      In a fry-pan, heat mustard oil & fry the fish for 30sec.
4.      In the same oil, add the mustard paste, turmeric powder, 1/4cup of water and salt.
5.      Stir for a minute and add the fishes and rest of green chillis.
6.      Now, pour about enough water to cover the fish half in the water.
7.      Lid on, cook in low heat for about 10-14 minutes.
8.      Take it off the flame when the fishes are well cooked.
9.      If you want the gravy to thicken then lid off and cook for 5-7 minutes.
1.  Serve hot with Rice or Indian plain Roti or Plain Bread.

* This preparation would taste best when have with steamed rice.
* You may use Shad fish or Sardine fish as an alternative of Hilsa.
* Now, you can get Mustard Paste readymade in packets.

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