Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening my friends, wherever you are! This is 11:30pm., 17th October, Wednesday here in India.
Today is the second day of Navaratri season. In West Bengal, we celebrate Durga Utsav from the sixth day, called ‘Sasthi’ to tenth day called ‘Dashami’; but, almost in the rest of India it is celebrated for ten days. Today I want to tell you about a special dance called ‘Dandiya Dance’, which is related with Navaratri.  Dandiya are the featured dances of Navratri evenings in Gujarat. It is very simple dance and is performed by a group who move in circles to measure steps, marking time by sticks called dandia. The sticks of the dance represent the sword of Durga. Women normally perform it in a graceful and rhythmic manner in a circle as they rotate around the 'mandvi'. The women wear traditional dresses such as colorful embroidered choli, ghagra and bandhani dupattas dazzling with mirror work and heavy jewellery. Men and women both can join in for Dandiya. It is also known as 'stick dance' as performers use a pair of colorfully decorated sticks as props.
That’s all for today. May God bless you all and you all are doing well in your life. Good bye. Namaskar.

Dandiya Dance

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