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Orissa (PART-VIII)

Sea-beaches of Orissa (Part-2)

Puri Beach

Sunrise at Puri Beach

Puri is one of the most popular Orissa beaches that is thronged by the pilgrims all round the year. The shimmering sand, high rising waves and the unbroken sea bed of Puri lure national and international tourists.
Puri is popular for its temple of Lord Jagannath. The temple was built in the 12th century and dedicated to the Lord of the Universe. Indian and foreign tourists arrive in large numbers every year to seek the blessings of Lord Jagannath, the reigning deity of the region. The pilgrims wade through the waters of the Bay of Bengal and often gather in large numbers in the beaches to take the traditional dip. Nowadays, there is a religion's organization, arranges a program to pray the Sea as a God everyday at the sea beach.

Pry to Sea

Puri Beach is one of the best beaches of India on the estern part of India shore of Bay of Bengal. The beaches are neat and clean and most part unexplored. The beach is famous for Sand Art done by the local but world famous sand sculptures. The beaches are ideal place to hang out and enjoy local delicacies. This beach is perfect for beach sports where you can go for swimming with the help of guides. You can also board a boat and go for a ride in the sea. The view of amazing sunrise and sunset at the horizon from the Puri beach will leave an everlasting impression in one's mind.The tourism department conducts beach festival every year.



Located at a distance of 186 Kilometers from the capital city of Bhubaneshwar, the Gopalpur beach in Orissa is an ideal place to relax amidst natural surroundings. The serene atmosphere and the pristine beaches create the perfect soothing atmosphere for rejuvenating ones mind and soul.
The Gopalpur beach was originally a humming seaport with active maritime activities. After the Second World War, the Britishers discontinued any kind of activity at the Gopalpur port. However, the tourists can visit the abandoned port and light house which are now in ruins. Crumbling pillars and desolated walls of the jetty give a picture about the bustling port that Gopalpur once was.
The beach with its golden sand of the blue sea has its own sleepy charm. The beach is a very quite and comparatively clean place to swim and sun bathe, but take precautions because of treacherous undercurrents. Watching Gopalpur's endless empty shoreline getting swarmed with fishermen with their hand-nets full of catch is interesting and enjoyable to while away time in the stunning stillness. Whether it is the rising Sun over the azure waters or the rhythmic lapping of waves shimmering in the bright moonlight, it is an enduring experience. The old lighthouse open to visitors each afternoon, but for a very short duration, offers good views.

The lighthouse at Gopalpur

Besides the natural and historical spectacles there are a number of other things that the Gopalpur beach offers its visitors. There are several curios and souvenir shops that sell some of the most interesting and unique sea side handicrafts and the sea shell items are an obvious favorite. The Gopalpur beach is also famous for their sea food delicacies that are a must taste for the tourists. 


Chandipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The sea beaches of Chandipur have succeeded in attracting tourists from all over the world. The Chandipur beach has its own unique character which sets it apart from all other beaches of India.

The most interesting feature of the sea at the Chandipur beach is the way it retreats almost 5 Kilometers twice a day. As the sea recedes back, the horizon broadens and the soft, moist, tempting sand becomes an ideal place for the tourists to sit back and enjoy the tranquil aspect of nature. The rare sight of the waves caressing towards the shore and the dazzling sun light are sure to captivate any body who visits this place. The hide and seek of the sea is complimented by the musical swing of the casuarina trees which are an integral part of the Chandipur beach and borders the sea shore all through.


The Chandrabhaga beach in Orissa is one of its biggest asset both from the aspect of the tourism industry and the history of the place. The beaches of Orissa play a dominant role in their history and Geography and the Chandrabhaga beach in Orissa is intrinsically linked to the past of the region. The golden sand and the casurina trees add to the natural glamor of the beach. But the biggest claim to fame of the Chandrabhaga beach is the Konarak Temple or the Sun Temple.

Originally, the waters of the Chandrabhaga beach used to flow towards the celebrated sculpted wheel on the Konarak Temple but today, the Sea has shifted and it is almost 2 Kilometers away from the Temple. Being the site of such a historical and religious monument, the Chandrabhaga beach in Orissa attracts a lot of tourists who come to get a glimpse of this architecturally beautiful and antique piece of history.

The Chandrabhaga beach is considered to be one of the most attractive beach in Orissa and it is also an ideal place to enjoy the intricate creations of nature. The solitude and and natural panorama that this beach offers is beyond description. However,this picture of serenity and calm changes drastically during the days of the annual Chandrabhaga Fair. This seven day long festival in honor of the sun God is accompanied by rituals and religious acts at the Sun Temple and as well as the beach. The beach becomes a fair ground and is flocked by colorful people, vendors and tourists.

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