Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Talk about India, from India with you

Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening my friends, wherever you are! This is 11:00pm. 26th December, Wednesday in India. Wish a belated Merry Christmas and a flourishing New Year to you all! I was getting ill last week; so I missed the Sunday blog. Hope you all enjoy the Christmas.
This Christmas, my all friends were going for outing! So, I have celebrated the Christmas with my husband (Subhankar) and I enjoy a lot! As I told you, I live in Burdwan, a district town of West Bengal, India. Here we have two Churches. Every year, in the 25th December, we must go there. This year is not an exception! We go to Church and join the pryer and then enjoy most of all programs. I will describe how we celebrate the Christmas in India in the ‘Festivals of India’. Here I share some sweet memories. 

A Church in Burdwan
Inside of the Church

After Church, we went to a famous temple of Lord Shiva in Burdwan. It is an unique temple site where 108 temples you can see at once! Then we go to a restaurant and eat Dhosa (a South Indian food) and Chana Batura (a North Indian food). After back home, we through a party with lot of foods each other! It was full of enjoyment! All thanks goes to Subhankar, my husband!

108 Lord Shiva Temple

That’s all for today! Hope you are enjoying the holidays with your family. Take very care of your families and yourselves! See you on 2nd Jan., Wednesday! Yes, Wednesday, not Sunday; I want to change my blog-post date from the Sunday to the Wednesday! Keep watching! Have a good day/ afternoon/evening/night! Namaskar.

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