Friday, 28 December 2012

Flavors of India

Vegetable Polao


·         Flavored Rice (Basmati, Gobinda Bhog etc.): -                           250gm.

·         Carot:-                                                                                         1piece

·         Beans (slice in fine pieces):-                                                   5-6 pieces

·         Peas:-                                                                                          1/2Cup

·         Cashew nut:-                                                                       10-12 pieces

·         Raisins:-                                                                              15-16 pieces

·         Bay Leaf:-                                                                                    2pieces

·         Refined Oil:-                                                                                    1Cup

·         Ghee:-                                                                                  2 tablespoon

·         Sugar:-                                                                                    2 teaspoon

·         Salt:-                                                                                            to taste

**For Garam Masala:

·         Green Cardamom pods:-                                                                4pieces
·         Black Cardamom pods:-                                                                 1pieces
·         Cinnamon:-                                                                                  2-3 sticks
·         Cloves:-                                                                                       4-6pieces




  1. Rinse rice well twice at least and soak in water for 30mins set aside.
  2. Grind  the Garam Masala and keep aside.
           3.   Heat ½ cup of oil in a thick bottomed vessel. Fry the vegetables and keep aside.     
  1. Heat the remaining oil. Add the bay leafs and the rice and fry for 3-5min.
  2. Now, add the fried vegetables, cashew nuts and raisins and mix well.
  3. Then, add salt, sugar, four cups of water and stir well. Cover and cook until the rice is done on slow flame. Stir once a while and may add water after rice will half done if need.
  4. Off the flame when the rice is well cooked and sprinkle the grinned garam masala and the Ghee and cover for 5 min.
8.   Serve hot with any Curry dish.

* It is test best when serve with Chicken Red Curry (26.11.2012) or Mutton Curry (30.10.2012) or Fish in Red Curry (26.08.2012) or Aloor Dam (will publish within next month).

** Garam masala: 

Garam ("hot") and Masala ("mixture") is a blend of ground spices common in North Indian and other South Asian cuisines. It is used alone or with other seasonings. The word ‘garam’ refers to intensity of the spices rather than capsaicin content.

The composition of garam masala differs regionally, with wide variety across India. Varying combinations of these and other spices are used in different garam masala recipes in accordance to region and personal taste,  and none is considered more authentic than another. The components of the mix are toasted, and then ground together.
A typical Indian version of garam masala is:

  • black & white peppercorns
  • cloves
  • cinnamon
  • black & white cumin seeds
  • black, brown & green cardamom pods

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