Monday, 17 December 2012

Festivals of India in the month of December

Chumpha Festival


Manipur, the land of merriment, is always busy with one festival or the other throughout the year. Different cultures and races in Manipur have different festivals to celebrate and each is rejoiced with an equal passion and zeal. It is the Tanghul Nagas of Manipur who celebrate the Chumpha Festival, one of their most popular and fêted festivals. The Chumpha Festival in Manipur is a harvest festival and is held with a lot of rejoicing and merriment. This Festival is mainly celebrated by the Tanghul Nagas of Manipur, for whom it is one of the most important festivals and they celebrate this festival with great joy, merriment, fun and frolic.

The Festival is celebrated for seven days and a week after the harvest season in December. During the last three days of the festival, cultural events are organized including dance and music performances.

Chumpha Festival is celebration include gatherings of family and friends for everyone to rejoice and enjoy. As against other festivals where women have a limited role to play and participate, this festival of Chumpha gives them immense roles and responsibilities The end of the Chumpha Festival in Manipur is marked by a procession that is carried out within the village premises.

Manipur as a state is famous for its culture and traditions. There are numerous fairs and festivals held in Manipur throughout different seasons of the year. One very interesting aspect to be noticed regarding the fairs and festivals held here is that although there are different festivals, events for different races and communities, they all are celebrated with equal passion and zeal.

This year Chumpha Festival celebrated on December 12th, 2012.

Ram Janaki Vivah

Ram Janaki Vivah is celebrated in the Indian state of Uttar Prades and marks the celebration of Lord Rama's marriage to Sita. The main function is held in the city of Agra where the festival takes place during the Ramlila celebrations.

Ram Janaki Vivah is one of the most colorful events of the city of wonder, Agra. Large numbers of people participate in the marriage processions popularly known as Ram Barat. One locality is specially chosen as the home town of the bride, Sita where the Barat reaches with its royal procession. This place is observed as Janakpuri and is decorated with flowers and lights.

Children dressed as Ram-Sita

The Ram Janki Vivah or Ram Barat festival was initiated by Lala Kokamal, a cloth merchant, about 125 years ago. It is celebrated during the Shukla Paksha of Marghasheesha month as per the Hindu Calendar. Music bands and dances are other attractions of the procession in which people enjoy and cherish grand and divine wedding of Ram and Sita. Some actors play the characters of Ram and Sita for the procession.
Ram Janki Vivah is on 17th December, 2012.

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