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‘Celebrating Girls, Celebrating Women’

My Life, My Womanhood

Friends, today I want to share something new, something different! On the occasion of the Women’s Day, I told you about my thoughts on womanhood and in the end of the March, the month for women, I am going to tell you my story! Some sweet moments, some bitter moments of my life and of course, how I have been celebrating my womanhood since my childhood days! Hope you will enjoy it!
My story starts on a rainy day in August, 1980; when my mother came to know that after two sons, she was pregnant again. Hearing the news, my grandmother warned her jokingly that she wants a girl child with dark complexion, otherwise she would be punished!  Sounds incredible? But, this is the truth! In our family you rarely find girl child and in my grandma’s opinion, girl child brings honor and prosperity! And because of untimely death of her two very beautiful and fair daughters, my grandmother developed such a prejudice! So,
on 23rd June, 1981, I was born like a princess with dark complexion! I was the third girl in my family and was pampered by all! But for my father’s transfer, we had to shift from our ancestral house to a flat at Burdwan in West Bengal after one year. 

With my two brothers

I have two brothers who love me so much. I brought up with them and with most caring parents. Before I went to school, I never thought about my complexion or anything else! But, after joining school, I had to think about it! I noticed that the ‘bubbly-looking’ girls were not only getting more attention in the class but they were also ruling over the students! They used to either bully me or just ignored! I was little shy then and being unable to cope up with such crudity, I felt like dejected & forlorn. My parents noticed my sudden psychological changes & changes in my behavioral patterns. Consulting a child psychologist, they admitted me to a Karate school to make me happy, smart and of course confident.

When I was in class III

In the Karate school, I had gotten my self-confidence. My teachers taught me to use the power within me; I came to realize that being a woman, I am a very part of the “Mother Nature” & never have I felt inferior to anybody since then! The regular exercises, Yuga and Meditation (which is an essential part of learning Karate) transformed me completely & I became a fearless girl beaming with self confidence & self respect, always celebrating girlhood!

With my one of trainers

I completed my schooling in the year 2000 and then went to college. A new world started unveiling itself! (In the mean time with my growing age, I became very friendly!) In that period, I came to know that there exists a difference in boys and girls! My parents never forced me to choose only girls as friends as they believe in equality between boys and girls; but, when I choose some boys as my friends and they used to visit my house for some reasons or other, our neighbors became so curios! They started making gossips about me! I ignored them and thanks to my parents; they did it too. I was celebrating womanhood with all my friends, boys or girls whoever he or she may be! 

When I was in college

During that period, I have fallen in love! He was a friend of my elder brother and came to our house On the occasion of Vasant Panchami means Swaraswati Puja. It was not a love at first sight affair but I felt something within me. We became close friends after some day and our friendship turned into love! Life had not been the same monotonous affair as it was used to be before! After few years, he has gotten a job and we decided to get married! In this period, I came to know about casteism! My fiancé is Brahmin but I’m not and that was a big issue in the society! Can you believe that? In this twenty first century, a very large section of our society shouts for their castes! However a determined couple can overcome any hindrance if they are true to their hearts! My fiancé has been standing beside me always! We were fighting together and won the battle! I got a lesson that there are more things to fight against in heaven and earth other than complexion or gender!

With my husband
After my marriage, I just have forgotten everything except my husband and our families. We built a nest with two of us and I always make myself busy in it. It is my husband, who taught me that I too have an identity as a woman except being a wife, or a homemaker! I have started to think about myself! Now I’m a blogger, have started exercising daily, running a tutorial class for the students of X-XII. It is a well known saying, “there is always a woman behind a successful man”, but I want to say, it is also possible that a man can lift a woman to the road of success if he wants. My husband does this job perfectly! Now, I have been celebrating every Woman’s Day and every day as a Women’s Day together!  

“The true test of your manhood is how you treat a woman. All woman, Any woman, Every woman”.

This is the page, that is celebrating womanhood everyday:

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