Sunday, 17 March 2013

Flavors of India

Duck-Dak Bungalow 




  • Duck meat: -                                                    500gm.
  • Onion (big):-                                                    2 piece 
  • Baby onion:-                                                    10-12 pieces
  • Ginger: -                                                            2 inch
  • Garlic :-                                                             10-12 cloves
  • Tomato(small):-                                              4 piece
  • Cumin seeds:-                                                  2 teaspoons
  • Dry red chili:-                                                  4 piece
  • Dry Kashmiri red chili:-                               4 piece
  • Turmeric Powder:-                                        1teaspoon
  • Bay leaf:-                                                           1 piece
  • Cinnamon stick:-                                             4-5 sticks
  • Cardamom:-                                                     4pieces
  • Cloves:-                                                              5-6pieces
  • Mustard Oil:-                                                    1Cup(150gm)
  • Sugar:-                                                               1/5teaspoon
  • Salt:-                                                                   to taste


  1. Wash the meat with hot water and marinate with turmeric powder, 3 tablespoons of mustered oil and Salt before cooking for at least 30mins. 
  2. Crushed big onion, ginger and garlic separately and keep aside.
  3. Grind cumin seeds, dry red chili and dry Kashmiri red chili separately and keep aside.
  4. Full heat the rest of oil in a pan and pour one by one sugar, bay leaf, crushed cinnamon sticks, crushed cardamom and crushed cloves in it.
  5. When it smells, add big onion, ginger and garlic and fry for 2 mins.
  6. Now, add the meat, cumin seeds, dry red chili and dry Kashmiri red chili and cook for 4-5 mins.
  7. Add salt, baby onion, tomatoes and stir well. Cover the pan and let it cook for 10 minutes on low flame.
  8. Take it off the flame when the meat well cooked and it become dry. (Duck meat generally take time to cook then other meat)
  9. Serve hot with Roti, Paratha or any kind of bread with small onion and green chili socked in lemon juice or vinegar.

* You may use chicken or mutton in the place of duck meat.
* You may use the powder of red chili and Kashmiri red chili.
* For Details about Ingredients, check your nearest Indian Store

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