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Bundi is a small town with rustic setting that stands on the foothills of the Aravali Mountains. Bundi is very famous for its baolis meaning waterworks or step wells, havelis, temples and chhatris with carved pillars. The mural adorned palaces, the forts and the monuments tell tales about the glorious past of the city. A picturesque lake where the entire city and the palaces get reflected in the lake adds a stunning quality to the place.
Bundi is located in the South East region of Rajasthan and lies at a distance of 206 km from Jaipur and 36 km away from Kota. In the past, a tribe called Meena inhabited this region and Bundi derived its name from the tribe' chieftain's name - Bunda Meena. In the 12th century Bundi came under the dominion of the Chauhans and reached its highest glory in the medieval times. The glory of Bundi declined with the Mughal rule and later became an independent state.


Places to See:


Taragarh Fort


The white fort that stands on a wooded hill is one of most striking forts of Rajasthan. It is also called the ‘Star Fort. The fort was built in 1411 by Rao Raja Bar Singh. There are several interesting monuments inside the fort. Inside the fort one can see the colossal battlement called ‘Bheem Burj (tower)’ and a large reservoir carved out of solid rock. The fort offers a bird's eye view of the town and a fascinating vista of the sunset.


The Bundi Palace


The construction of this magnificient palace was started by Maharao Balwant Singh. The awe-inspiring traditional murals are characteristic of the splendor and opulence of the royal dwellers of this palace. Chitrashala is a part of the Bundi Palace and consists of an art gallery or pavilion that exhibits miniature colorful murals depicting scenes from the Ragmala and Raaslila-the story of Radha-Krishna. Some other places of interest inside the palace are written down.

A painting from Chitrashala


Chhattar Mahal 


This palace can be reached by a steep path. The palace houses the the Naubat Khana, Hazari Pol or Gate of the thousand, the Hathi Pol with its ancient water clock and the Diwann-e- Aam.



Ratan Daulat

This remarkable structure that comprises of a stable for nine horses and a Hatia Pol was built by Rao Raja Ratan Singh.

Sukh Mahal


It is a luxurious summer palace surrounded by a beautiful verdant garden on the Sukh Sagar Lake. 

Eighty Four Pillared Cenotaph


A magnificent memorial with84 pillars in a single cenotaph along with a Shiva lingam was erected by Rao Anirudh.

Nawal Sagar


Near the Bundi palace is the artificial lake of- Nawal Sagar where a shrine is dedicated to Varuna, the Aryan god of water is locate at the centre. 



The renowned step wells or baolis are Raniji-ki-Baoli that exhibit lovely carvings.
The Nagar Sagar Dhabhai Kund and the Bhora-ji-ka-Kund.Kshar Bagh and Phool Sagar are other major places in the Bundi Palace.

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