Sunday, 16 September 2012

Flavors of India

Chapar Ghanto (Mixed-Veg with coconut)


·         Potato:-                                     2 pieces
·         Squash:-                                    3 pieces
·         Pumkin:-                                   250gm.
·         Parwals: -                                  3 pieces
·         Coconut (grated):-                    1/2 cup           
·         Mustard/refine oil:-                   1/4 cup                       
·         Ginger Paste:-                              1tsp
·         Turmeric Powder:-                    1/2tsp
·         Bay Leaves (Tez Patta):-          2pieces
·         Sugar:-                                        2tsp
·         Salt:-                                         to taste


 For Chapar (Bara)

Red Lentils

             Red Lentils: -                           200gm.
·                       Green Chilli:-                           2 piece





Chapar Ghanto
Bara or Chapar

1.      Wet red lentils at least 4hrs and grind it with green chillis.
2.      Heat oil and fry grinded lentils in small parts and keep aside. It’s called ‘Bara’ or ‘Chapar’.
3.      Peel and chop all the vegetables into medium pieces.
4.      Add bay leaves, vegetables, turmeric powder, sugar and salt in the same oil and mix well. Cook for 5min.
5.      Now add the baras to it.  Add Water and let the vegetables simmer well and get cooked.
6.      Take it off the flame when the vegetables well cooked. Garnish with grated coconut.
7.      Serve hot with rice.

* You may add more vegetables in it.
* For Details about Ingredients, check your nearest Indian Store

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