Sunday, 23 September 2012

Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening my friends, wherever you are! This is 06:30 pm., 23rd September, Sunday here in India. Hope you all are very well and enjoying the weekend with your family and friends. Today I’m quite busy; because tomorrow (September 24) will be a special day for Bengali. It is Tal Navami. Let me introduce the festival to you who don’t know about it.
Tal Navami is an auspicious day observed in the Bhadra month (August – September) especially in Bengal and Orissa. It is observed on the ninth day during the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Bhadra month. The day is highly auspicious to Goddess Durga.
Tal Navami marks the day for starting the preparation for the upcoming Durga Ashtami or Dassera festival. Tal Navami is a festival of Goddess Durga. Devotees of Durga observe a fast on Tal Navami and break the fast only in the night. Devotees visit the temples of Goddess Durga on Tal Navami.
A special dish is made on the day called Tal’er Bara. Small balls made from the pulp of ripe palm fruit combined with grated coconut, sugar, flour and then deep fried in oil. That is what we Bengali’s call ‘Tal-er Bara’. This is prepared on Janmastami also.
Well, that’s all for today. Share your opinion about my blog and if you want to know something about India more, please write to me. I will try my level best to help you. Namaskar.

Tal-er Bara

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