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Festivals of India in the month of September

Phulaich Fair


The Phulaich Fair is held every year in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is held in the month of September in the Kinnaur district.  Although the state of Himachal Pradesh is extremely famous for its fairs and festivals, especially for the spirit of its locals. Phulaich Fair is the best of its kind in Himachal Pradesh.
According to Hindu calendar it is organized in the month of Bhadrapada, which witnesses a sprout of monsoons. The Fair is basically associated with the flower watching festival of Ukhyang in the Kinnaur Valley.

The Phulaich Festival also known as Fulaich Festival is associated with the act of remembering the ones who has passed away. The village comes alive during the festivities of the fair. Colorful stalls and participants from the nearby areas throng the place during the Festival. For tourists or visitors from outside have a proper taste

The locals celebrate this event with great passion and zeal starting the festivities by going to the Mountain to collect the Ladra flowers, and with the sacrifice of animals, relatives also offer wine and food to in remembrance of the loved ones who have passed away and is later distributed to the poor, there are also a number of dances depicting ancient war scenes that are conducted and performed by the locals of the area.

Himachal Pradesh:

Himachal Pradesh is very popular for its culture, traditions, fairs, festivals and natural beauty. Snow covered mountains, beautiful flora and fauna place the state in hearts of all tourists and visitors. The fairs and festivals of Himachal are celebrated with great zeal and gusto by the localities of the place. Some of these events are of religious importance while others have commercial significance and some are simple a means of entertainment and fun. They serve as healthy recreation, amusement and even as marketing place. These festivals and events of Himachal Pradesh are rich in culture, tradition and heritage.

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